Discover the 10 ravishingly romantic proposal destinations in the City of Angeles.



With glittering lights sprinkled on top of its sprawling expanse, Los Angeles continues to draw in millions of enchanted tourists annually. The millions of marvelous locations can leave any love bird in a bewildered state. Finding the perfect setting to pop the question can be stressful and time-consuming–but have no fear–we reveal the top ten tantalizing Los Angeles hotspots to ask her hand in marriage. Loaded with romantic restaurants, smooth hikes, beautiful beaches, and lush gardens, you’ll want to propose over and over again just to experience all the breathtaking attractions available. 


Eaton Canyon Falls, Altadena

Make your proposal into the ultimate adventure by journeying up the smooth, three-mile-trek hills of Eaton Canyon. What better way to make your love official as a misty waterfall cascades under the sultry California sun?


Hollywood on Horseback


Experience the grandeur of Hollywood with a private horseback ride up the world-famous sign overlooking the sprawled scenery of LA. Trot through Griffith Park to the top of Mt. Hollywood for an unparalleled vantage point when popping the question.


Cliff’s Edge, Silver Lake

Damon Winter –– – 088312.CA.1009.wk–critic – The outside garden dining area at Cliff's Edge, the new Les Deux Cafes in Silverlake, at 3626 Sunset Boulevard, Saturday evening, Oct. 9, 2004. –– PHOTO CREDIT: Damon Winter/Los Angeles Times

Also know for celebrity sightings, the restaurant’s impressive, sprawling outdoor setting, anchored by a colossal tree, feels like a magical treehouse created by Disney. Add chains of twinkling lights, a few cozy cushions, and you’ve got yourself an intimate proposal spot.


Huntington Library Gardens


She’s guaranteed to say yes once you stroll along the 120 acres of verdant Japanese gardens. Cross the moon bridges, trek along lily filled ponds and breathe in the fragrance of the calming camellia fields.


Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is seen at dusk in Los Angeles, California on August 23, 2011

Griffith Observatory’s enormous domes have been the landmark of Hollywood Hills since 1935. Aside from the exciting exhibits and telescopes for use, the breathtaking view of Los Angeles and beyond captivates thousands of people every week, making it an ideal spot to pop the question. Enjoy the scenic, 360-degree view of LA as stars twinkle above and the city sparkles below.


El Matador Beach


There’s something so romantic about a secluded beach. Throw in the perfect ring and you have the ideal ingredients for a “yes” answer. Located northwest of Malibu, you will have a tough time finding a more passionate beach in LA than El Matador.


Cavatina Restaurant


Brimming with an impressive wine list and award-winning chefs, Cavatina is a romantically chic dining destination for asking her hand in marriage. Try the famous Cauliflower Panna Cotta with Lobster and Caviar or the Mediterranean Sea Bass with Shaved Vegetables to enlighten your taste buds.


Point Dume, Malibu


Let’s travel a bit northwest along the paths paved by Point Dume. You can explore this vast, sandy and serene beach during the sunny day; however the tranquility is amplified once the sun bids adieu. No scene out of a romantic movie comes close to this dreamy and passionate love cove.


Roof on Wilshire


Take your significant other to the top of the world for a romantic dinner date. Experience a rich, full-flavored spin on contemporary American cuisines while you take in the view from seven stories up. Honestly, does LA get any better than this? Actually, it does. Enjoy the scenic sprawl of LA, with 360-degree pool-side views of the LA skylines while enjoying your meal.


Getty Museum, Santa Monica


Tour the lavish Getty Museum, tucked away in the verdant mountains of Santa Monica and home to sweeping views of Los Angeles. After exploring the galleries, venture through the outdoor gardens saturated with lush plants and trails of flowers. Finally, make your grand gesture while strolling by the refreshing streams and waterfalls.