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We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” One of the most important factors of your wedding is the photography. The pictures and your memory are what’s left behind after the big day is over. Think about it, your album will most likely be looked at by generations to come. You want to make sure your photos turn out as beautiful as they can. Therefore, it is important to spend time on choosing the right photographer and ensuring that your vision is captured. Below are a few tricks and tips you might want to take into consideration when choosing your wedding photographer.

Start Sooner Than You Normally Would

Many couples get so caught up in wedding planning, they forget how important the photographer is. About a year before your wedding date, start looking into photographer’s portfolios. If you like the work, ask to see the entire work he has done for a particular couple. It is important to start early so you have enough time to choose between many different styles of photography.  Wedding photographers have very busy schedules, especially if their work is great. Be sure you have enough time to book them.  Don’t wait until the last minute!

Pay Attention to Detail 

While going through wedding photos, be attentive to the moments captured and how authentic they look. You definitely don’t want the pictures to look staged. The more natural, the better! Also, watch out for the quality of the pictures. They should be as clear as possible and focused on the right things.

Meet With the Photographers 

After choosing a few photographers that may interest you, set up appointments to meet with them. It is important to meet the photographer in person to see if you guys click! No one wants to spend an entire day with someone who is not easy to get along with, or is not professional…especially, on your wedding day! Also, it important to see more of their work (since everything is not posted online). While you’re doing this, tell them what your budget is and see if they are willing to work with you.


Ask about what’s included in the standard package, plus any additional fees. In particular, find out how many hours of shooting are included. Some photographers don’t make this as clear as they should. This is an important day, so you want to make sure he/she is there the entire time.

Share Your Vision

Most of the time, the photographer will ask you what your vision is. If not, share your vision and ideas with him/her. Make sure your ideas fit within your budget and time. It’s important to remain realistic. If the photographer can make it all come true, it’s time to take the next step!

Give Them Your Autograph

Once you have your mind set, it is time to sign a contract. Make sure all the details and information are included in the contract, such as the date of the wedding, the price, and how you will receive the final product.

Time to Pose

When the day comes, be calm and have fun! Don’t worry about getting the “perfect” shots, just enjoy the moment and the photographer will work his/her talent. When you’re walking down the isle, make sure to look up!