The month of May has been declared National Recommitment Month and it is back again to remind us about the things we really care for. It is time to check up on those resolutions and goals that you set back at the start of the year. May is practically the month of encouragement. We’re almost halfway through the year. To make sure you’re where you need to be in life, here are a few tips to help you achieve your relationship commitment aspirations by celebrating this national month.

Date night

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Bring out the artillery within the compiled date night bucket list containing ideas of ways to spend time with your loved one. Whether it is dinner and a movie or game night, quality time together is what really matters. Nothing says commitment like investing your time in someone else’s happiness.  

Weekend getaway

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Gather a few things and just take off. Road trips are easy to manage and don’t require much planning (or packing). Some down time with your special someone is not something you want to keep putting off. Wind down and relax poolside, or better yet, beachside. It can all be a car ride away. Show your mate that you prioritize recreational time with them.

Host a party

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Celebrate your accomplished goals with your close friends and family by having a warm get together. Surround yourselves by your tight circle and share the wealth, as they say. Spill the details and secrets of withstanding time. Don’t forget the champagne!

Renew your vows

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Dig deep into your heart and find the words to express your thoughts and feelings toward your significant other. Fall in love all over again and relive your big day. Pop in your wedding tape and be reminded of the start of it all. Your relationship is in a new place with new experiences and there are some burning words deep down inside that can be written out and expressed to your partner. Communication is key.

Gift Diamonds


A gift exchange to celebrate a relationship milestone has much significance, as a gift of jewelry can last a lifetime and can serve as a symbol of your love. It is a constant reminder that you are cared for by someone. Give the gift of love with this gorgeous pair of white gold cluster diamond earrings. The cluster of round diamonds makes for a dazzling array, sure to be to her delight.

Thank your partner for their continued love and support this month.