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You’re in the midst of planning the perfect day when you keep running into common decor problems that prevent you from fully committing to a location. You may love the venue, but hate the chairs. The place is the perfect size, but the wallpaper is hideous. We know, we’ve all experienced this at least once in our lives. Don’t panic, we have some clever solutions that will make your planning much easier.

The Chairs 

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If the chairs don’t tickle your fancy, there is an easy solution. There are many wedding rental businesses where you are able to rent anything from chairs, tables, plates, forks, and much more. Check out a few local businesses to see if your budget fits. Also, you can get creative. If you have time on your hands and have a specific picture in your mind, you can always make your own chair cover, like the one above. Those always turn out wonderful!

The Flooring

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If the floor is your issue, there are several ways you can take attention away from it, cover it, or add to it. If the floor is too dull and simple, you can add projections to it, like the photo above. If the venue is perfect but the carpet is not your taste, you can roll a carpet over it. Keep in mind, once you put out a dance floor and decorate the setting, it will take the attention away from the floor.

The Wallpaper

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While you can’t exactly redecorate, you can shift the focus. You can add projections or moving images to the walls. A great way to cover up the wallpaper is to add drapes to the walls, like the photo above.

Venue is Too Big

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Space is usually a plus, but if you’re looking for a more cozy and intimate atmosphere, you can add different areas, such as a lounging spot or a sweets bar. Use furniture, flooring and fabric draping to define spaces throughout the venue.