Whether you’re shopping for your mother, the mother of your children, or your mother-in-law, fine jewelry is always a Mother’s Day gift she’ll adore. No gift makes a woman feel more special and appreciated than a beautiful new piece of fine jewelry. And fine jewelry is not only beautiful– it’s also extremely practical when you choose the right piece. A classic piece of fine jewelry is something she can wear every day for decades to come, so she’ll be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. 

If you’re hunting for a gorgeous, timeless piece of jewelry for the deserving mom in your life, read on. Below, we’re featuring the very best classic fine jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day 2020. 

A Diamond Pendant Necklace 

A diamond pendant necklace is stunning, sophisticated, and incredibly wearable. A diamond pendant necklace looks as good with jeans and t-shirt as it does with office or evening attire, so it’s a highly versatile piece she can enjoy wearing day in and day out. 

When you shop for a diamond pendant necklace, you have many options for your center diamond shape. Diamonds come in numerous shapes, including round, princess cut, cushion cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, oval cut, and pear shaped. A fail-proof diamond shape option for a gift is round, since round is by far the most popular diamond shape. Round diamonds are loved for their classic look and incredible brilliance, and most women adore round diamond jewelry. 

If you don’t want to go for a round diamond pendant necklace, you do have many other options. Oval cut diamonds have a similar style to round cut diamonds, since they’re classic and elegant. But oval diamonds are a less common choice, so they’re a great option if you think she’d like something that’s traditional, yet more unique than a round cut diamond. Some decidedly more unique shapes include marquise cut and pear shaped diamonds, and they’re excellent choices if the woman you’re shopping for loves to stand out and create bold looks. Then, princess cut diamonds are a great choice for those with a more modern aesthetic, since they have sleek, sharp lines. And lastly, if you’re shopping for a woman who loves all-things-vintage, cushion cut, asscher cut, and emerald cut diamonds are all lovely choices, since these are all vintage-style diamond shapes. 

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A Pair of Diamond Studs 

Diamond stud earrings are perhaps the most highly desired type of fine jewelry. Diamond stud earrings are breathtakingly beautiful, extraordinarily elegant, and simply timeless. Diamond studs are something every woman wants, so they’re a Mother’s Day gift she’ll treasure for a lifetime. Additionally, while any woman would be thrilled to receive a pair of diamond studs for Mother’s Day, it’s worth noting that diamond studs are one of the best gift options for new moms. Little ones tend to tug at jewelry that dangles or drops, like necklaces, hoop earrings, or drop earrings. But diamond studs are hard for young ones to grab onto, so new moms can wear diamond studs without having to worry about them being yanked. 

As with diamond pendant necklaces, round diamonds are an excellent, fail-proof choice for diamond studs. If she doesn’t already own a pair of round diamond studs, she’ll love getting a pair for her jewelry collection. But if she does already own a pair of round diamond studs, you can go with one of two options: gifting her an upgraded pair with larger round diamonds or gifting her a pair of studs with a different diamond shape, which will give her jewelry collection more style versatility. If you’re shopping for another diamond shape, refer to the diamond shape style notes in the last section to find a shape that will suit her style. 

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Diamond Hoop Earrings 

If you’re shopping for a mom with a fashion-forward or glamorous sense of style, diamond hoop earrings are a perfect gift idea. Diamond hoop earrings can instantly amp up the style and shimmer of a look, taking it from simple to incredibly stylish in mere moments. The pair of round cut diamond hoops pictured above is a particularly good option for a Mother’s Day gift. These inside-out hoops are decked out in diamonds, making them beautifully brilliant, but they’re small enough that they can work well for both everyday and going-out looks. 

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A Note on Choosing Your Precious Metal for a Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift 

When you shop for a Mother’s Day jewelry gift, remember to carefully consider your choice of precious metal. Most women have a precious metal preference. So, ideally, you want to gift a piece of jewelry that features her favorite precious metal. If you’re not sure what her favorite precious metal is, think about the jewelry she wears often. What color is the jewelry she usually wears? If it’s golden, it’s yellow gold. If it’s pinkish gold or copper in color, it’s rose gold. If it’s silvery, it’s either white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. (If you have to guess between these silvery options, we recommend going with platinum– it’s luxe, highly durable, and hypoallergenic, so it’s a great option for anyone.) By taking note of what she usually wears, you’ll be able pick the perfect precious metal for her unique gift. 

If the mom you’re shopping for doesn’t regularly wear much jewelry, we recommend going with either platinum or yellow gold for her Mother’s Day gift. Platinum is highly chic and yellow gold is beautifully classic, so both of these precious metals will suit a wide variety of tastes. 

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