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A winter wedding can be a beautiful and unique choice. There’s something special about the winter breeze and the thought of snow can create a truly magical wedding photo backdrop. However, a winter wedding can pose some special challenges that you wouldn’t have with a spring or summer ceremony. To help your wedding plans go smoothly, here are some dos and don’ts for those wanting to have a winter wedding.

DO remember to give plenty of advance notice. People tend to be very busy traveling during the winter months. Remember to send your wedding invitations early so your guests can save the date and not overbook. Doing this as soon as possible is key when planning a winter wedding, especially if your wedding will be close to, or on a holiday. This will make it more likely that your guests will be able to attend.

DO consider wedding insurance. Winter weather is something that is out of your control. Consider getting wedding insurance to give yourself some “peace of mind” if inclement weather causes last minute changes from your vendors or venue. This will help you financially if you need to hire someone new at the last minute or have to reschedule the date altogether. Get your wedding insurance as soon as possible to make sure you’re covered if bad luck strikes.


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DON’T forget to keep your guests warm. The number one concern for winter weddings is the weather. Don’t let your guests freeze on the day of the wedding. Instead, plan ahead to keep them warm. You will want to have either all or the majority of the day’s activities indoors. If you have some portion of the day outdoors, such as the ceremony or the cocktail hour, plan to keep your guests happy and warm. Consider having heating lamps, fire pits, and baskets of blankets around for your guests to use. This same idea applies to the wedding party. If they are going to spend some time outdoors, consider providing coats or warm shawls a part of their ensemble.

DO help your guests plan for the cold. Let guests know how much of the day will be taking place outside. This will ensure that they dress warmly. A good place to note this is on your wedding website.

DO embrace the style of the season. Winter weddings are a great opportunity to have a wedding that has a special look. When you’re planning your wedding ensembles and wedding decor, embrace the look of the season. A winter wedding is a great time to add some sparkle or use rich, deep colors. The same goes for when you’re planning your menu- you can use foods of the season, like hot cider and molten cakes, to give your day a seasonal touch.


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DO light up the night. Remember that it gets dark much earlier in winter. This is a great opportunity to use light to your advantage. Consider using lots of candles, string lights, or other specialty lights in your decor to give your wedding that winter twinkle.

DO remember to take your pictures early. Again, remember that it will be dark early on a winter’s day so plan for you pictures accordingly by scheduling them in the morning or very early afternoon.

DON’T worry about the weather on your wedding day. Nature is one thing that’s totally out of your control so don’t spend your special day worrying about it. You’ve planned ahead as much as you could so let your preparation do the work. Relax and enjoy your magical winter wedding.