We know that a lot of thought and times goes into buying a gift for your best friend.  After all, they’ve been there by your side through thick and thin, whenever you needed a sounding board, and when you just needed someone to laugh with.  Your best friend is the one who knows everything about you and is probably the person you spend the most time with. When giving your best friend a gift, you want to make sure it is something they will like or something that is sentimental. Whether it’s a birthday gift, holiday gift, or a gift to show your appreciation, the list below could be a huge help!

1. Spa Day

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Does your bestie have a hectic schedule that just makes it impossible for him or her to take some time off and relax? A spa day makes the perfect gift for someone who needs time to rejuvenate and spend some time on themselves for once. There are many packages at various spas that will be perfect for your best friend. Check them out online to get a better idea of what they have to offer.

2. Something Special 

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You know your best friend and if she likes jewelry, you know exactly what style.  For the girl who loves dainty and classic pieces, you can gift your bestie a bezel solitaire pendant and maybe even buy one for yourself thus making it a friendship necklace.

3. Fitness Pass

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Does she always mention that she wants to get into shape? Or is she already a fitness guru? Get your bestie a fitness pass to a class you know she would enjoy. Whether it’s kickboxing, cycling, or yoga, there are several studios that offer great packages and prices for a bundle of classes.

4. An Outfit 

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Shopping together is most probably an activity you and your best friend commonly partake in.  After all, who else would tell you the truth about matching that belt with that dress.  If you and your best friend often shop and she considers herself to be a fashionista, set up and gift her an outfit that you’ll know she’ll love!

5. Sparkling Studs

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Many women have their favorite pair of earrings.  Studs are the usual favorite because they go with everything.  If you’ve noticed your best friend always has the same pair of studs on, maybe it’s time she gets a new pair.  The princess-cut diamond earrings featured above add a modern twist to the classic diamond studs.

6. Concert Tickets 

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Chances are you and your bestie share similar interests, including the same music taste. If you and your best friend are currently obsessing over the same artist or band, look to see if you can purchase concert tickets for the two of you. This will blow her away!

7.  Night Out

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Sometimes, all a friend needs is a nice night out. Nothing too wild or crazy, just a sit-down dinner with her best friend at her favorite restaurant! Take your bestie out for the night and give her some time to unwind and relax.

8. Classic Diamond Ring 

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Give your best friend a ring that she will always cherish. It’s a simple buy (if you know the ring size) and easy to wear. Rings come in many shapes and colors. Purchasing one that is of better quality and slightly pricier is a better idea because the color won’t fade, it’s an everyday piece, and it’ll last a lifetime.  The diamond solitaire ring featured above is made with solid 14k white gold.