Everyone knows that gemstones are beautiful. But do you know the symbolic meaning behind the gemstones? Since ancient times, gemstones have been associated with things like love, health, and prosperity. Wondering what your favorite gemstone symbolizes? Here’s the meaning behind the gemstones you wear.

Blue Sapphire

These round blue sapphire studs might have you feeling inspired.

In modern times, we associate blue sapphires with royalty. But throughout the ages, they’ve also been a symbol of wisdom, peace, happiness, and fidelity. The association between sapphires and fidelity used to be so strong that for hundreds of years these gemstones were the most popular center stone for engagement rings.

Alongside being associated with peace, happiness, and fidelity, blue sapphires have also been associated with improved communication, intuition, and inspiration.


This ruby pendant makes the perfect gift for your sweetheart or a dear friend.

The richly red ruby has long been associated with love, including both romantic love and the love between friends. When a ruby is given as a gift, it is a symbol of the friendship or love between the two parties.

In addition to being associated with love and friendship, rubies symbolize vitality and royalty, and are said to bring safety, peace, wealth, and health. Also, many very early cultures associated rubies with life, as their deep red color is similar to the color of blood. Because of this, rubies have been said to hold the power of life.


If the ancient myths about emeralds are true, these gorgeous halo emerald studs can do a lot to improve your life.

According to ancient legends, emerald gemstones have many uses. Emeralds are said to protect the wearer from evil, lift depression, relieve insomnia, promote self-knowledge, bring peaceful dreams, and help you achieve patience. Additionally, they’re said to improve both physical sight (like your eyesight) and your spiritual sight. Ancient people believed that emeralds could help you understand yourself, see the future, and help you see if your lover is faithful. What a useful gemstone! And a beautiful one too!

Pink Sapphire

The pink sapphire in this ring is said to balance the heart chakra, which promotes healthy self love and love for others.

Pink sapphires have much of the same meaning as blue sapphires, which symbolize wisdom, peace, happiness, and faithfulness. But on top of that, pink sapphires are associated with romance and the heart chakra, thanks to their lovely pink hue. The heart chakra is our center of love and pink sapphires are said to provide this chakra with strength and balance.