Stud earrings are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Stud earrings are gorgeous and wearable, so they’re both special and practical. Then, they also come in a wide variety of styles, so you can easily find the ideal stud style for your Valentine’s unique tastes. Wondering which style of stud is perfect for your sweetheart? Read on to see our list of the best studs for gifting, which includes notes on each option to help you find your love’s perfect match. 

Gemstone Stud Earrings 

With their rich color and undeniable elegance, gemstone studs are the picture of classic beauty. 

A pair of gemstone studs is a classic, traditional option that’s sure to thrill her this Valentine’s Day. There are many types of gemstone studs. But for Valentine’s Day, we’d recommend going with either blue sapphire studs or ruby studs, which are both highly classic (and highly desired) options. 

Blue sapphire studs are an excellent Valentine’s gift if your love favors highly traditional styles. Blue sapphires are one of the four main precious stones, alongside diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Blue sapphires are adored for their spectacular deep blue color, as well as for their lovely meaning. This gemstone has long been associated with mental clarity, positive thoughts, and good fortune. When given to a loved one, blue sapphires are also thought to represent connection and loving devotion. 

Ruby studs are an ideal option if you want to lean into romance this Valentine’s Day. Thanks to its deep red hue, the ruby has always been associated with love, passion, and the heart. Rubies are also often associated with royalty and luxury, since this precious gemstone has been a favorite of kings and queens throughout history. 

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Classic White Diamond Studs 

Classic and romantic, a pair of rose gold and white diamond studs is an ideal gifting option for Valentine’s Day. 

If you’re worried about finding the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, go with this can’t-fail option: a classic pair of white diamond stud earrings. A pair of solitaire white diamond studs is something every woman wants to have in their jewelry box. And if your love doesn’t already own a pair of diamond studs, she’ll be absolutely thrilled to receive them on V-Day.  

Solitaire diamond studs have a simple design. They consist only of center diamonds and earring settings. But while solitaire studs have a simple design, you’ll find that there are thousands of options within this category, since there are so many different diamond shapes and sizes, and many different setting styles. If you want the most classic, fail-proof diamond stud design, however, we have a recommendation: round brilliant diamond studs in four prong settings. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond shape by far and four prong settings are the most popular setting option for diamonds. So, this is a can’t-go-wrong combination. For your precious metal color, we recommend choosing her favorite, most-worn precious metal. Or, you could also go with rose gold, which will provide a touch of romance that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

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Unique White Diamond Studs

Emerald cut diamond earrings are unique, elegant, and absolutely breathtaking. 

Next up in our list, we have unique white diamond studs. As we mentioned above, white diamond stud earrings come in a huge array of styles. And while a pair of classic and traditional round diamond studs is always a good option, round diamonds are far from your only option. Diamonds come in many different shapes, including fancy shapes that can give your studs a much more unique look. 

There are many different fancy shaped diamonds (note: “fancy shaped” is a gemologist term for any diamond shape other than round). There are oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, princess cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, and more. While all of these diamond shapes are stunning, we do have a current favorite fancy shaped diamond for diamond studs: emerald cut diamonds. 

The emerald cut diamond features an elongated shape and a beautifully unique faceting pattern. From above, this diamond shape looks like a rectangle with cut corners. Then, from every angle, an emerald cut diamond gives off a unique “flashing” type of shimmer, thanks to its linear step cut facets. 

We love emerald cut diamonds for diamond studs because they’re unique, yet incredibly elegant and chic. They also have a size advantage that makes them an excellent option for diamond studs. Due to their elongated shape, emerald cut diamonds have more of their surface area on their table (their top). So, per carat, emerald cut diamonds look a bit larger than many other diamond shapes, which can add more impact to your diamond studs.

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Colored Diamond Studs 

Here, rose gold settings add warmth to a pair of champagne brown diamonds, creating a rich and luxe look. 

Another great gift option for Valentine’s Day is a pair of colored diamond studs. Colored diamonds are just as strong, durable, beautiful, and luxurious as white diamonds. And then, they also offer a style advantage, since they naturally occur in many different colors. 

While every color of diamond is beautiful, for Valentine’s Day we have a particular affinity for champagne brown diamonds. Brown diamonds have a warm sophistication that makes them incredibly distinctive and romantic. For Valentine’s Day, we especially love brown diamonds when they are paired with rose gold or yellow gold settings. These warmer precious metals beautifully complement a brown diamond’s richness, making the brown diamond look even more mesmerizing. 

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