In the world of men’s fashion where a watch or understated necklace all too often dominate in terms of jewelry, a new (and much needed) trend in men’s jewelry is quickly making its way and has fashion’s top designers buzzing with excitement: diamond studs. Given the growing mood in the men’s fashion world that has designers breaking conventional norms for more edgy designs that have a jolt of fresh personality, it’s really no surprise that diamond studs have become a fast growing trend.

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Premier designers including Versace and Givenchy showcased their Spring/Summer 2018 collections along the runway with models who donned diamond studs, using the jewelry as the perfect accent touch to complete the world-class designs. In this article, our expert team at offers up our suggestions for a few snazzy men’s diamond studs to help keep you up to date with this rising trend that we believe is here to stay.

Men’s Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold


For our first pick, we offer a classic pair of men’s diamond stud earrings that feature a 14k white gold finish and diamonds with a total weight of .75 carat.  The 4-prong setting holds the diamond secure while also allowing the most shine to reflect off the diamond. With a timeless diamond design on a trendy and highly-fashionable piece of jewelry, these diamond stud earrings are the perfect exclamation point for any outfit.  

Men’s Round Cut Blue Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold


The rising new trend in men’s jewelry of diamond stud earrings is believed to be inspired by ‘90s music subculture. This one-of-a-kind pair of diamond stud earrings is representative of that era with its unique blue diamonds and 14k yellow gold finish. The earrings make a bold fashion statement and are certainly on the forefront of this hot trend.

Round Diamond Single Stud Earring in Platinum Bezel Setting


Our editors here at are split in their preference of single studs versus pairs, so after a great debate, we made the decision that both should be included. While both are equally fashionable, the common belief is that single studs are more masculine. For our third pick, we switch it up a bit with this single diamond stud earring that’s finished with a platinum setting. One can do no wrong when pairing platinum together with a diamond, and that applies to this earring as well, which carries an unquestionably refined and elegant look.  

Round Yellow Diamond Single Stud Earring in 18K Yellow Gold Bezel Setting


For our last diamond stud pick, we chose a brilliant yellow diamond stud with an 18k yellow gold bezel setting. This diamond stud earring has the flair to take any outfit, whether casual or formal, to the next level. The yellow diamond is a rare sight to see and is complemented to perfection with its luxurious 18K yellow gold finish. While this earring may have been over-the-top as a pair, the single diamond stud is ideal for this spectacular design.