Fine jewelry can be enjoyed for a lifetime, making it a thoughtful and special gift. This year’s fine jewelry trends offer many ultra-wearable styles perfect for gifting. 2017’s trends include modern designs with unique details and vintage-inspired looks that take inspiration from past eras. Want to see the best fine jewelry finds of the year? Read on to see our 2017 fine jewelry gift guide for her.

1. Diamond Studs


Diamond studs are classic pieces that have remained in style for decades, so it should be no surprise that they are still extremely popular in 2017. One of the best things about diamond studs is that, because they are so popular, you can get them in a huge range of styles to help you personalize them. Consider the personality of the person you are shopping for when selecting their diamond studs. Are they more traditional? Then they might prefer classic round white diamonds in a white gold setting, like the dazzling pair pictured above. Or are they more eclectic and bold? Try selecting a less common choice, like pear-shaped diamond studs or yellow diamond studs in a complimentary gold setting.

2. Oval Diamond Pendant


Oval shaped diamonds have been an up-and-coming trend this year. This is likely due to more and more women seeking out unique jewelry styles. Oval diamonds have this unique look while also still being similar enough to a round diamond that they are extremely wearable. A classic, delicate diamond pendant is a great way to incorporate the oval diamond trend in a beautiful and easy-to-wear piece she’ll love.

3. Colored Diamond Ring


Vintage styles remain incredibly popular in 2017 and using colored diamonds is a great way to embrace the vintage look. Using gemstones and colored diamonds in jewelry was very popular in certain vintage eras, particularly the glamorous retro era of the 1940s and 1950s. Rose gold was also very popular at this time, with its soft pink glow being coveted by many women. This stunning blue diamond and rose gold solitaire ring is a great way to rock the vintage trend. This ring is perfect paired with cocktail attire or worn every day as a statement-making right-hand ring.

4. Diamond Chandelier Earrings


Large statement earrings have been a big trend this year. Strikingly beautiful, larger pieces of these incredible white gold and diamond chandelier earrings add sparkle and turn heads. These beautiful earrings are a dazzling complement to any evening look and the perfect addition to any women’s jewelry collection.

5. Square Shaped Diamond Earrings


These beautiful square shaped diamond stud earrings are a wearable way to incorporate the vintage trend into everyday looks. These intricately designed earrings actually incorporate a number of vintage trends, like mixed metals, a halo setting, and geometric shapes. These unique earrings are a great gift for the woman who both loves fine jewelry and having fun with getting dressed.