Men’s diamond stud earrings add a touch of timeless elegance to any ensemble. Whether you opt for a single stud or a pair of studs, white diamonds or richly colored diamonds, diamond studs add an unmistakable air of distinction to a casual or upscale look. 

But if you’re looking for men’s diamond stud earrings, you have many options when it comes to your diamond color, diamond shape, setting style, and choice of precious metal. Which should you choose? In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the most popular men’s studs to help you decide. In addition to covering the most popular styles for men’s studs, we’ll also go over some less common options to help you decide whether you prefer a more classic look or a more unique look for your studs. 

Most Popular Diamond Colors for Men’s Stud Earrings 

A single black diamond solitaire stud in a bezel setting provides a bold, rich look. 

White diamonds are the most popular option for men’s diamond studs, while black diamonds are a close second. White diamonds have a classic look and high brilliance, which draws eyes from across the room. While, on the other hand, black diamonds have a more mysterious, bold look. Both white and black diamonds are popular for paired stud earrings or single stud earrings. However, white diamonds are slightly more popular for paired men’s earrings, while black single studs are a slightly more common choice for those looking for single diamond earrings. 

While white diamond studs and black diamond studs are the most popular options for men’s studs, brown, blue, and yellow diamond studs are also excellent options that can add a more unique look to diamond stud earrings. Brown diamond studs have a rich warmth and more subdued natural look that many people find incredibly attractive. Then, blue and yellow diamond studs (which feature some of the rarest diamond colors) have a more exotic, vibrant look that is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 

Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Men’s Stud Earrings 

A pair of square diamond solitaire studs in white gold earring settings provides a touch of icy bling. 

Round and square diamonds are easily the most popular shapes for men’s diamond studs. Round diamonds have a classic, sophisticated look. Then, square diamonds (also called princess cut diamonds), have a slightly more edgy, contemporary look. 

Both round and square diamonds are quite brilliant diamond shapes, which means that they have excellent light reflection and refraction. However, it is worth noting that round diamonds are the most brilliant diamond shape. So if you’re looking for the most brilliant diamond for your single studs or paired studs, know that round diamonds have a bit of edge over square diamonds in the brilliance category. 

While round and square diamonds are the most popular shapes for men’s stud earrings, they are not your only options. If you’re looking for a highly unique look for your studs, you can also consider going with numerous other fancy diamond shapes. “Fancy shaped diamonds” is a category that includes any diamond shape that is not round. Square diamonds fall into the fancy shaped diamond category, as do cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, and pear shaped diamonds. Selecting any of these fancy shaped diamonds will give your studs a more unique, eye-catching look. 

Most Popular Setting Styles for Men’s Stud Earrings 

A sleek bezel setting complements the bold look of a one carat black diamond, pictured on an earlobe for size perspective, in this solitaire stud design. 

Your choice of setting style will have a major impact on the overall style of your men’s diamond earrings. The two most popular settings for men’s stud earrings are the classic four prong solitaire setting and the bezel solitaire setting. Four prong settings allow maximum light to enter into the sides of a diamond, which helps them look as brilliant as possible. Because of this, four prong settings are very popular for white diamonds, whether they’re used in stud earrings, hoop earrings, engagement rings, or other types of diamond jewelry. Then, bezel settings are popular for both white and black diamond earrings, yet are a more common choice for black diamond earrings or gemstone earrings. A bezel setting consist of a single ring of metal that holds your diamond or gemstone firmly in place. This setting allows for slightly less light entry, but is highly secure and offers a more streamlined look. 

While four prong settings and bezel settings are the most popular choices for men’s studs, three prong settings are another excellent option for those looking for a distinctive look. Three prong settings, also called martini settings, offer the same light-entry advantage as four prong settings, yet have a more unique look, since they are a less common choice. 

Most Popular Precious Metals for Men’s Stud Earrings

White gold settings complement the icy look of these white cushion cut diamonds. 

Diamond stud settings are commonly available in four precious metals: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Additionally, diamond stud settings are also sometimes available in sterling silver or stainless steel. However, sterling silver and stainless steel are non-precious metals and, as such, sterling silver and stainless steel are less commonly used for diamond or gemstone jewelry. While sterling silver and stainless steel are sometimes used for diamond jewelry, they’re more commonly used for diamond simulant jewelry, such as cubic zirconia jewelry. 

Within the four common precious metal options, platinum and white gold are very popular for men’s diamond stud earrings, especially white diamond men’s studs. Platinum and white gold tend to be the most common choice for white diamond studs (as well as for white diamond hoop earrings) because of their white color, which complements the icy look of white diamonds. Platinum and white gold have very similar looks but each has its own practical advantages. Platinum is a hypoallergenic precious metal, which makes it the best choice for those who have metal allergies. Additionally, platinum is the most durable precious metal. However, platinum is more expensive than white gold and some don’t find the increased price of platinum worth it when white gold gives such a similar look.

After platinum and white gold, yellow gold is the next most popular precious metal for men’s studs. Yellow gold adds a classic, traditional look to white diamond studs. It can also perfectly complement the vibrance a colored diamond stud or add some warmth and shine to a deeply colored black diamond stud. 

The least popular precious metal for men’s studs (and men’s jewelry in general) is rose gold, which has a rosy pink-gold hue. However, rose gold can be an excellent option for men who want a more distinctive, unique look for their diamond studs. 

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