Rose gold is a metal notable throughout the history of different fashion eras. Rose gold, known historically as “Russian gold,” was first introduced as a fashion jewel during the 19th century. The warm-toned, precious metal then dominated the Victorian era, along with yellow gold, and later became incredibly popular with jewelry lovers in the 1920’s. This style is now considered “retro,” because of its distinguished bold and three-dimensional finish it gives to jewelry. There are many reasons why this blushing alloy keeps weaving in and out of fashion trends, but rose gold has definitely made its way back as the aesthetic choice for jewelry today.

Retro 1940’s Sapphire and Diamond Rose Gold Cuff Braceletdstuds_11-16pt1Photo courtesy: Jewels du Jour

There are many factors that contribute to the desire for rose gold. Rose gold includes hues of red and pink gold tones that correlate to the feelings and emotions of people. The blush hint of gold expresses an appeal of compassion, composure, and warmth. The subtle touch of red and pink is a perfect representation of romance, and has an elegant calming nature. This explains why rose gold is leading gold setting in fashion jewelry. Rose gold is the metal of choice among brides because of its vintage appeal complimented by its romantic connotation.

14k Rose Gold 4-Prong Hearts and Arrows Diamond Solitaire Ringdstuds_11-16pt2

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Rose gold is not only a highly desired jewelry item, but it’s also a highly desired color for electronic goods. Thanks to big companies like Samsung and Apple, rose gold is seen on popular items such as BEATS headphones, apple products, and Samsung phones. Rose gold is now seen everywhere, penetrating markets daily, and produces a trickling effect for the need of rose gold tones.

iPhone 6 Rose Gold Editiondstuds_11-16pt3Photo courtesy: Apple

Rose gold is produced by mixing gold with copper alloy. By increasing the concentration of copper, the redder it becomes. Since 24k pure gold is too soft, metal alloys are added to gold creating yellow, white, and rose gold. In comparison to yellow and white gold, rose gold is more durable and surprisingly more affordable. Another advantage that rose gold has over yellow and white gold is that it doesn’t require rhodium plating. Rhodium plating is a type of metal plating, which prevents an object from being damaged and improves color quality. Although rhodium plating sounds like a great way of protecting and enhancing your gold, rhodium plated gold cannot be resized or fixed. However, rose gold is very special since rose gold color intensifies with age; therefore improving the color quality with time, rhodium plating is not required.

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The red and pink tones of rose gold appeal to all genders and compliment all skin tones. The rose gold trend is perfectly suited all year round and brings a vintage vibe when accessorizing and coordinating with outfits. Rose gold is the addition every woman needs in her wardrobe. Rose gold attire is ideal for that elegant and feminine woman. From Skirts, heels, cardigans, and some rose gold accessories- there is no going wrong. The next time she looks at her engagement ring she will sure to fall in love all over again. Save up to 10% off site wide with our collection of rose gold jewelry.