Learn how to buy your perfect pair of diamond stud earrings. In this guide, we’re going over how to select your studs in just three simple steps using our Custom Diamond Stud Creator. Then, we’re sharing the hidden fourth step to making sure you love your diamond studs for life–having the ability to upgrade or exchange your studs any time you want. 

1. Choose Your Diamond Shape & Quality

First, choose your desired diamond shape. You can go classic and opt for round-cut diamond studs. You can also select from fancy-shaped diamonds like Asscher cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, and princess cut diamonds. 

Once you’ve picked your diamond shape, choose your diamond quality and carat. Thanks to our simplified diamond quality system, you don’t need a degree from the GIA to pick your perfect diamond quality. Our Good, Very Good, and Excellent categories factor in dozens of aspects of diamond quality–including diamond color, inclusions, blemishes, and cut quality–to allow you to easily choose the best diamonds for your personal preferences and budget. 

Note that we only carry high-quality diamonds. We simply offer variety in that high-quality range. Our Good and Very Good options offer a mix of beauty and value, while our Excellent diamonds provide premium quality for those who have extra room in their budget. 

When you pick your carat weight, remember that earrings are listed with their total carat weight, which is the combined weight of both stones. Keep this in mind so you don’t accidentally end up with the smaller diamonds than you wanted. If you’re not sure how carat weight affects the size, check out the diamond stud sizer in our comprehensive Diamond Education Guides.  

2. Choose Your Diamond Stud Setting

Our Diamond Stud Creator allows you to choose your setting style and precious metal type. Select either 4-prong settings, 3-prong martini settings, solitaire bezel settings, or halo settings. Then, pick either 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, or platinum. Our entire setting, posts, and backings will all be crafted in the precious metal you have selected.

3. Choose Your Earring Backs 

The last thing to pick out when buying diamond earrings is your earring backs, which will hold your studs securely against your earlobes. We offer pushbacks, the classic stud earring back style that pushes into place and is ideal for sensitive or arthritic hands. We also offer screw backs, a more secure option for high activity that screws into place. 

4. Upgrade or Exchange For Life 

The best part of buying diamond studs at DiamondStuds.com is being able to upgrade your studs for life. Our industry-leading Diamond Upgrade policy allows you to put the full paid (pre-tax) value of your diamond studs toward any other qualifying diamond jewelry piece in our store, including an upgraded pair of larger carat weight or higher quality diamond studs. There are no exclusions on applicable jewelry categories, you can upgrade all jewelry purchased at DiamondStuds.com. When you buy your diamond studs with us, you’ll never be stuck with a piece of jewelry you don’t like because you’ll be able to maintain 100% of the value of your purchase. 

Create Your Own Diamond Studs

Ready to create your perfect pair of diamond studs in just a few simple steps? Click the link below to try our Custom Diamond Studs Creator. 

Create Your Own Diamond Studs