It’s very common to want to upgrade your jewelry after having owned it for a while. One day, you may decide that you want to upgrade to something more luxe or to something that better suits your current style. Whatever your reason for wanting to upgrade your jewelry, when you shop at, you’ll have access to one of the most generous lifetime jewelry upgrade programs you’ll find anywhere. Our Lifetime Upgrade Program allows you to get 100% of your paid (pre-tax) value toward your upgrade, anytime. Wondering what our Lifetime Upgrade Program could do for you? Read on to get all the details on our Lifetime Upgrade Program and to learn more about how you can upgrade your jewelry.

Get 100% of Your Paid (pre-tax) Value Towards Your Upgrade

Upgrade Anytime

No Minimums Required

All Jewelry Items Qualify

At, we believe in the quality and value of our jewelry. That’s why our Lifetime Upgrade Program allows you to put 100% of the paid value* of your jewelry purchase towards a brand new piece of qualifying greater value and always receive the original full value you paid. There are no restrictions on which of our new pieces can qualify for our Upgrade Program with no category or jewelry type limitations, that you may see with other brick-and-motor or online jewelry stores. For example, any natural diamond jewelry purchase of any type can be put toward another natural jewelry piece and any lab grown diamond jewelry purchase can be put toward another lab grown jewelry item.

Want to learn more about our Lifetime Upgrade Program and how to select a new qualifying purchase today? Learn more about how you can trade in and trade up jewelry on our Upgrade Page.

How To Upgrade Your Diamond Jewelry

Thinking of upgrading your jewelry but aren’t sure what to do? Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your diamond engagement ring, diamond studs, and other diamond jewelry.

Diamond Upgrade: Go Bigger

One of the most common ways to upgrade diamond jewelry is to go bigger. And if you have a piece you love, but you want a little more glamour, opting for a larger center stone with a higher carat weight is perfect for you. At, you can use our Lifetime Upgrade Program to amp up the size of your diamond engagement ring, your diamond studs, and more.

Diamond Upgrade: Go Higher Quality

Going bigger isn’t the only way to upgrade a center diamond– you can also go up in quality.  People often choose to upgrade the quality of their center stones later in life, since they may have selected lower quality diamonds or gemstones when they were younger and had a more limited budget. Choosing to go up in clarity grade, color grade, or cut grade can make a big difference in the beauty and sparkle of your diamond jewelry, so it’s a wonderful option if you’re thinking of upgrading.

Change Your Diamond Shape

Another way you can upgrade diamond jewelry is to switch up your diamond shape. If you love your setting but are looking for a change, selecting a different center stone shape is a great way to refresh an old piece and make it feel completely new. At, we offer a wide variety of diamond shapes for you to choose from for your upgrade. Browse our selection of GIA and EGL USA certified round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, oval shaped, and pear shaped diamonds and find the new diamond shape that’s perfect for you.

Choose a Setting With More Diamonds

Switching up your jewelry setting can drastically change its style, giving your jewelry an exciting refresh. And, as an added bonus, choosing a setting that’s adorned with more diamonds can also give the impression that your jewelry is larger, even if you don’t upgrade your center stone. Halo settings and diamond side stones can make a diamond piece look larger, since our eyes perceive more brilliant jewelry as larger. So switching up your setting can both refresh your piece’s style and help you amp up your jewelry’s visual impact.

Change Your Precious Metal

Are you tired of your jewelry’s precious metal? Give it a whole new life by selecting a new precious metal for your new upgraded piece. You can go for classic yellow gold, elegant white gold, romantic rose gold, or luxe platinum. 

Get an Entirely New Piece

If you no longer enjoy wearing your jewelry, consider selecting a brand new piece in an entirely different category. One of the best things about the Lifetime Upgrade Program is your ability to select any type of jewelry for your upgraded piece. So if you have, for example, a solitaire diamond ring that you no longer love, you can decide to select a pair of diamond studs instead when you upgrade. The choice is yours when you shop at 

How to Upgrade Your Jewelry at

Upgrading your jewelry is as simple as one, two, three.

Step One: Select Your New Jewelry

First, shop our online jewelry store and find the beautiful new piece you want to upgrade to. Every item we carry on our site is eligible for our Upgrade Program, so you can select any new item that’s of greater value than your old Diamond Studs piece. Browse our collection of diamond rings, wedding bands, diamond stud earrings, diamond hoops, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, gemstone jewelry, loose diamonds, and more to find your new favorite piece of jewelry.

Step Two: Put in Your Upgrade Order

After you pick out your new jewelry, visit our Upgrade Now page. On our Upgrade Now page, you’ll input your trade-up jewelry’s information and your previous order information, review your upgrade, and check out.

Step Three: Send The Old and Get the New

After you place your upgrade order, you’ll be emailed return instructions and an insured return label. Then, all you have to do is send us your old jewelry and we’ll send you your new upgraded piece. Be sure to include any original documents that came with your original jewelry to ensure you receive your full original purchase price credit.

Ready to trade in and trade up? Shop our full collection of beautiful diamond and gemstone jewelry and Upgrade Now.