Jewelry is a precious graduation gift that will make them feel special now and serve as a reminder of their accomplishment for years to come. If you’re ready to find the perfect piece for your loved one this graduation season, we’re here to help. Here are our top grad gift picks for him and her in 2023. 

For Her: Lab Diamond Pendant Necklace 

A diamond pendant necklace is an excellent gift for someone embarking on a new stage of life. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry, as it’s the ideal accessory for casual outfits, workwear, and formal attire. Whether she’s a high school graduate or a college graduate, this graduation necklace is one she’ll get plenty of wear out of in her post-grad life. 

We especially love lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces for new graduates. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same physical and optical properties as natural diamonds, offering equal quality, strength, brilliance and unsurpassed beauty. Yet, they remain a more affordable option making a diamond and solid 14k gold pendant accessible for a wider range of budgets in higher quality selections.

Whether you choose to go with a lab-grown or a natural diamond pendant, gifting a timeless solitaire diamond pendant necklace will enhance her jewelry collection and be a lasting sentimental jewelry gift.

For Him: Step Cut Diamond Studs 

Diamond studs are a men’s jewelry classic he’ll get plenty of wear out of as he sets out on future endeavors. They’ll help him look sharp as he heads into an exciting new life stage in which he conquers challenges and makes new memories. 

There are many diamond studs to choose from, but our top graduation jewelry gift pick for him is step cut diamond studs. Step cut diamonds have long, linear facets that create bolder flashes of light compared to brilliant cut diamonds, which create more of a shimmer. Step cut diamond studs, like emerald cut diamond studs, have a bold and icy look that will elevate his ensemble. 

For Her: Diamond Hoop Earrings

For a graduation jewelry gift with no shortage of style, opt for a pair of diamond hoop earrings. Diamond hoops are a wonderful gift for her, especially because you can tailor the type of hoop you choose to her style. If she has a more understated sense of style, choose a delicate item like huggie hoops. If she loves to stand out from the crowd, give her a set of oversized beauties. 

If you’re not sure which type of hoop best suits her style, classic diamond huggie hoops are always a good choice. They’re brilliant and beautiful, while still being versatile and easy to style. 

For Him: Black Diamond Studs 

Black diamond studs are another excellent diamond stud option for a high school or college grad. Black diamonds are a symbol of wisdom, depth, and power. As black gemstones, they’re also associated with the career area of the feng shui bagua. This symbolic meaning makes black diamond studs a thoughtful gift for a new grad who is starting their new life after college or high school. 

Black diamond studs are also a great jewelry for graduation option due to their striking, yet minimalist look. Their rich black color is eye-catching, yet inherently understated. Black diamond studs add a personal touch to an outfit, while always remaining elegant. A pair of black diamond studs is sure to become his new favorite piece.  

For Him or Her: Gift Certificate 

If you’re not sure which piece of jewelry the graduate in your life would love most, a gift card is always a winning choice. A gift certificate allows them to choose a personalized graduation gift that perfectly suits their personal style. It’s a gift of jewelry and of choice. 

Whether they’d prefer a dainty necklace or a statement ring, a gift card allows them to choose the design that’s right for them. Because most of our jewelry is customizable, they can also easily choose their favorite diamond shape, gemstone color, and precious metal color to create their ideal custom design. 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for more high school or college graduation gift ideas? Shop our jewelry gift guides and discover a curated selection of school graduation gifts. Explore high quality gold and gemstone pieces in a range of color options and styles. Our handmade pieces are crafted from solid gold and authentic gemstones, and are handcrafted in the USA. Browse our best-selling styles and find a personalized gift that will last for a lifetime. 

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