Whether you want to know which style of earring will complement your look or which earring back will keep your jewelry secure, this guide is for you. From simple studs with push backs to chandelier earrings on french hooks, we’re sharing all the details you need to know about the different types of earrings and earring backs.  

Different Types of Earrings 

Stud Earrings

Simple and versatile, stud earrings are the most popular type of earring. Stud earrings consist of a small accent attached to a post. The wearer slips this post through their piercing and secures the earring in place with an earring back. 

Classic stud designs, like diamond studs and pearl studs, are a top choice for everyday wear.  Minimalist studs can add just the right touch of sparkle or color to your daily attire. More eye-catching studs, like cluster studs or high carat diamond studs, are the perfect accent to an upscale look. 

Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire earrings are a specific type of stud earring. Each earring in a pair of solitaire earrings features a single stone. Examples of this timeless jewelry design include solitaire diamond stud earrings and pearl studs.

Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings are earrings that feature a hoop shape. The most traditional hoop earrings have a circular shape, but any looped design can be considered a hoop earring. 

Hoops rest farther away from the ear, making them more eye-catching compared to studs. The larger and more detailed the hoop, the more it draws the eye. Smaller silver or gold hoops are still understated enough for everyday wear. Larger hoops and diamond hoop earrings are the perfect choice for dressier occasions that call for extra sparkle. 

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are a specific type of hoop earring. These small hoops have a curved shape that closely hugs the ears. Stylish yet understated, huggie earrings are a versatile option you can wear on a range of occasions. 

Bezel Earrings 

Bezel earrings feature bezel settings, which fully embrace the earrings of metal completely surrounding the sides of their enclosed stones in precious metal. Not only adding volume and appearance of size, bezel settings are a sleek, secure option that can be used on any gemstone or diamond shape. 

Halo Earrings

Halo earrings feature halo settings, which are rings of smaller diamonds or gemstones that surround larger center stones. Halo earrings are unapologetically glamorous, making them the perfect choice for when you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings dangle below the earlobe, swaying with the movement of the wearer. Dangle earrings are inherently eye-catching, so they’re the perfect way to add extra flair to your look. This earring style may also be called a drop earring and adds an instant luxurious style with added sparkle. 

Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop earrings are earrings that feature a teardrop shape. Teardrop designs are common on dangle and drop earrings, but any earring with a teardrop motif can be considered a teardrop earring. 

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a specific type of dangle earring. These elaborate earrings hang below the ears and feature tiers similar to those of a chandelier. If you’re looking for a statement earring that will ensure you shine on a special occasion, reach for a pair of chandelier earrings. 

Cluster Earrings 

Cluster earring designs feature clusters of precious stones. Cluster earrings can have a scattered look or can create a specific shape, like a floral design. Cluster earrings may also be designed to give the illusion that a group of smaller stones is one larger stone. 

Single Earring

More of a styling choice than a kind of earring, a single earring is just what it sounds like: one earring worn solo. Wearing a single stud or dangle earring is a confident and creative styling choice. Single earrings can be worn alone or as a part of a mismatched earring look.

Different Types of Earring Backs 

Push Backs 

Push backs are the most common style of earring back. This type of backing slips onto the back of an earring post, holding the earring in place with friction. Push backs can be found on studs or any earring with a classic straight post, such as the elegant hoop dangle earrings pictured above. 

Screw Backs

Screw backs are a type of earring back that screws into place. They work similarly to push backs, but are screwed rather than pushed in place. Screw backs are a more secure earring back, so they’re an excellent choice for more valuable earrings. 

Guardian Backs 

Guardian backs are a highly secure earring back option. These backings slip onto your earring posts and firmly lock in place. These sturdy backings are ideal for heavy earrings and highly valuable earrings, such as high carat diamond earrings.

Hinge Backs 

Hinge backs are a popular style of closure for hoop earrings. To put on an earring with a hinge back, the wearer pulls the earring open on its hinge, slips the earring post through their ear piercing, then closes the hinged post completely until the earring snaps shut. 

Lever Backs 

Lever backs are a popular choice for dangle earrings and other earrings with curved posts. These backings feature small levers that open and close on spring hinges. 

French Hooks 

French hooks are a simple backing style often used for dangle earrings. French hooks are slim pieces of metal with a hooked shape similar to a fish hook. The wearer slips this backing through their earlobe piercing, where it balances in place. 

Earring Style FAQs 

How Many Kinds of Earrings Should You Have In Your Earring Collection? 

If you’re just starting to build your earring collection, begin by making sure you have a few staple pieces in your jewelry box. We suggest having a set of simple studs, a pair of hoop earrings, and one dressier pair of earrings, like drop or chandelier earrings. With those basic designs on hand, you can accessorize many looks. Then, you can add more styles to your jewelry collection as desired.

What Style of Earring Is Best For Everyday Wear? 

The best everyday earring for you will depend on your personal style and lifestyle, but most people prefer wearing simple earrings day-to-day. Stud earrings and huggie style hoop earrings are the most popular choices for daily wear and considered to be earring staples that make for versatile fashion wear, both for men and women.

What Style of Earring Should I Wear For Special Occasions? 

A special occasion is an excellent opportunity to wear bolder or more elaborate earrings. Some common types of earrings for special events include larger diamond studs, cluster earrings, and various types of drop earrings, such as chandelier earrings, tassel earrings, threader earrings, and long chain earrings.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Earring? 

The most popular earring style can vary depending on current trends, but stud earrings are typically the most popular kind of earring. Other eternally popular earring styles include hoop earrings and drop earrings. 

What Is the Most Popular Type of Diamond Stud Earring?

Year after year, round solitaire diamond studs are the most popular style. The second most popular option is princess cut diamond studs. 

What Earrings Can You Wear Without Piercings? 

Clip-on earrings and magnetic earrings are the top options for non-pierced earlobes. For the upper parts of the ear, ear cuffs that stay in place by wrapping around the edge of the ear are another good option. 

What Precious Metal Is Best For Earrings? 

The right precious metal for you all comes down to personal preference. Some people like to wear a precious metal that complements their skin tone. People with warmer undertones often prefer yellow gold or rose gold earrings, while people with cooler undertones lean toward 14 kt white gold, 18kt white gold or platinum earrings. 

If you have metal allergies, you’ll want to avoid any metals that could cause an allergic reaction on the skin on your earlobe or neck. Platinum is an ideal choice for hypoallergenic earrings, but other solid precious metals can also work depending on your specific metal allergy.  

Final Thoughts 

This concludes our comprehensive guide to the different styles of earrings and earring backs. If you have any questions about earring styles, backings, or finding the right earring for you, reach out to the DiamondStuds team. We’re always standing by to answer your questions and help you find your perfect pair of earrings. 

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