Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.35.35 PMIf you are one of those men who love to surprise their significant other, you have made it to the perfect page. There are a million ways to plan a great birthday surprise, but you do need to find one that fits your budget, time, and interests. Don’t panic, we have listed a few great ways you can leave your loved one shocked below. By the end of this, you should have a few ideas of your own.

1) Weekend Getaway

Tell your sweetie to pack her bags! Everyone loves to hear those words, right? Tell her you have a surprise and ask her if she can take a day or two off. Plan a weekend getaway to somewhere nearby, or far, depending on your schedules. Call the hotel in advance and tell them you are celebrating your lover’s birthday and ask if they can setup the room with roses and a bottle of champagne. Just the effort will be enough to have your woman in tears.

2) Surprise Birthday

Whether it is at your house or a restaurant, gather your sweetie’s best pals and family member to surprise her on her special day. If you are doing it at a restaurant, have her friends or family decorate the area you guys will be sitting. Also, don’t forget the cake!

3) Meaningful Gift

Surprise her with a meaningful gift. It could be anything from jewelry that she can keep forever (and pass down to her kids), to a hand made scrap book filled with pictures of you two. The more personalized, the more special. Look into personalizing the jewelry as well.

4) Shopping Spree

We know, she already ALWAYS goes shopping, but that does’t matter. Women love shopping no matter for what and when. Take her to a mall or shopping center that has several stores and tell her she can pick whatever she wants! Be careful, she might faint.

5) Proposal

If you’re at that point in your life where you are ready to get hitched, this might be the perfect time. What better surprise can you give her? Take her out for her birthday and at the end, pop the question. She will be in awe!

6) Get Adventurous

If your woman loves to do outdoor activities, plan something spontaneous and extreme (only if you know she will agree). We’re sure you have heard her talk about something that she has been meaning to do.

7) Fly Em’ In

Does your sweetie have family that she has been meaning to visit out of town or state? If so, fly them in to celebrate her special day. This is a meaningful surprise because it shows how much you care about her relationships with her love ones. Great idea, huh?