When it comes to accessorizing, earrings are a must! Since your ears are adjacent to your head, dressing them up with diamonds and gems draws attention towards the most important part of you—your face. As 2016 goes into full swing, let’s look at some of the best earring trends of the year.

Hoops have been a classic trend over the years. In fact, I’m sure most of us could peek into our jewelry collection and spot a pair of hoops right now. Hoops are back this year, but this time around it’s all about keeping them thin. Choose a pair adorned in diamonds to really make this slender style sparkle.












Yellow Gold
This sunny hue of the most universally favored metal, gold, is continuing to shine bright this year in earring trends. The extra dash of color creates a more eye-catching look and creates a vibrant contrast when paired with gemstones.











A Brush Of The Shoulder
Drop down earrings that are shoulder length are currently trending! This versatile style features a multitude of styles. Drop down earrings elongate the face and neck, adding to the elegant and feminine look this dazzling style provides.











Endearing Estate

Estate earrings hold classic beauty and Old-World elegance. The aesthetically pleasing designs incorporate the best styles from the decades before us, to create new pieces with classic appeal.











Cluster Earrings
Clustered diamonds are making a huge entrance in 2016—mostly because this new style adds even more glam for a fraction of the cost! Who wouldn’t want that? Jewelers have incorporated this style into earrings by grouping multiple little diamonds together to create the illusion of one large diamond, like this design by Diamond Studs.