For many people, the perfect choice of jewelry for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas gift is a beautiful pair of gold stud earrings. The great thing about stud earrings is that compared to a piece of jewelry like necklaces, gold rings, or bracelets, they can complement any outfit choice you are thinking of, including both formal, smart casual, and everyday wear occasions.

Versatile, neutral pieces of jewelry are generally worn most often, and that is why they always feature on the list of best sellers at any jeweler.

There are, of course, plenty of other types of earrings that people love including classic gold hoops and ultra-modern ear cuffs but we are going to focus today on the simple beauty and versatility of the classic stud earring.

Alongside a pair of gold hoop earrings and a pair of dangle earrings, every jewelry collection needs a pair of stud earrings. Whether they are ball stud earrings, diamond studs, or love knot studs, some kind of stud earrings set are a staple of a suite of jewelry. Having a selection of stud earrings in different colors of gold is even more desirable.

You are probably familiar with yellow, white, and rose gold but you will be surprised by just how many shades of gold you might see being used for stud earrings.

Yellow Gold

Pure gold (24k gold) is much too soft to be able to use on its own for jewelry, so metals like copper and sterling silver are added in small ratios to harden the material but also retain its distinctive yellow shade. Yellow gold is probably the color that you will most commonly see in gold jewelry. Yellow Gold is the most natural gold color. Therefore, it requires the least amount of maintenance to ensure a long enduring bright yellow color. 

White Gold

White gold is a variation that is created by mixing pure gold with white metals such as silver, and palladium and other bright alloys. It is a color that you might commonly see in things like solitaire engagement rings, but it is just as beautiful in stud earring form. The best benefit of White Gold is it will reflect the white metal color into your diamonds. Giving off a white appearance from the metal. Consider 18KT White Gold settings when selecting a hypo-allergenic option. White gold can use a re-rhodium every now and then to keep the bright white luster.

Rose Gold

The color of rose gold is achieved by combining yellow gold with other metals like copper and silver to change the hue. You might sometimes see it referred to as red gold or pink gold, but keep in mind that red gold and rose gold are the same. This rich color is stylish and generally found in the 14KT option.

Green Gold

Green gold is a composition of pure gold, zinc, silver, and copper. It is one of the most unusual colors of gold that you might come across, and there are lots of different shades ranging from soft to deep green depending on the number of individual materials used. A pair of green gold studs offer an interesting choice different from some silver studs, for example

Purple Gold

This is a really interesting result of combining gold with aluminum. Something to keep in mind with purple gold, however, is that it tends to be more brittle than other gold colors. It’s not recommended to use purple gold as a bezel setting for a gemstone but it makes great studs or even huggies.

Blue Gold

Blue gold is created from a combination of gold, iron, indium, and gallium, and you may not have heard of it before because it is one of the less common shades of gold available in jewelry on the wider market.

Grey Gold

Grey gold is a shade that is achieved when pure gold is combined with silver, copper, iron, or manganese. Again, it is a more unusual color, but lots of jewelers like to use it in two-tone designs alongside a more common color of gold.

Black Gold

Black gold is a really interesting and trendy color choice that has increased in popularity in the last few years. There are a few different ways that it can be made, but a common method is to mix pure gold with cobalt and then heat it to a specific temperature. Another is to plate gold jewelry with a black finishing using something like ruthenium or black rhodium; this is called electroplating.

The beauty of all these different colors of gold is that although their varying degrees of hardness don’t make them suitable for every earring style, one style that always works is stud earrings.

Gold Stud Earring Recommendations

So, now that you are an expert in all of the different colors that you choose from for your next pair of gold stud earrings, it’s time to start browsing the market for the perfect pair for your taste, or the taste of the person that you are buying a gift for!

To give you an easy head start in this department, here is a selection of some of our favorite multi-color gold selection stud earrings. All different in their ways, and all beautiful!

  • Round Diamond Studs in Yellow Gold
Round Diamond Studs in Yellow Gold

The absolute classic of stud earrings, a single diamond encased in a gold bezel with push-back fastening (aka butterfly back). Choose a small carat weight for everyday wear or something large, showy, and blingy for formal wear.

  • Halo Round Blue Diamond Studs
Halo Round Blue Diamond Studs

A perfect example of how beautiful the halo look can be whether the setting is a ring, pendant, or pair of stud earrings. A central blue diamond is surrounded by a halo of small diamonds set in white gold.

  • Blue Birthstone Diamond Studs in White Gold
Blue Birthstone Diamond Studs in White Gold

An ideal gift for someone with a September birthday, who can deny the beauty of a gleaming blue sapphire set in white gold?

  • Lab Grown Stud Round Earrings in Rose Gold
Lab Grown Stud Round Earrings in Rose Gold

A clear demonstration of how rose gold works so well with diamonds, and also lab-grown diamonds are only second to natural diamonds in terms of price.

  • Men’s Single Round Black Diamond Stud in Yellow Gold
Men’s Single Round Black Diamond Stud in Yellow Gold

Guys don’t need to feel left out at all when it comes to stunning stud earrings. Is there anything more masculine than a single black diamond in the bold yellow gold bezel setting?

  • Rose Gold Brown Diamond Studs
Rose Gold Brown Diamond Studs

The beautiful rose gold and champagne brown tones shine together for a gorgeous unique pair of diamond stud earrings that are unique and so rich. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what shape of stone or color of gold you decide to go for with your earrings, there is no doubt that they will turn out to be a jewelry investment that holds more value both financially and trend-wise far into the future than other pieces that you might own.

Simple, elegant, stud earrings whether they are plain and minimalistic or contain diamonds or cubic zirconia are never going to go out of style, so no matter what carat weight or karat of gold you can afford or which color gold is your personal favorite, you can rest assured that no matter what decision you end up making for yourself or somebody else, it is going to be a good one!