A pair of on-trend earrings can update your style in an instant. But which earring styles should you turn to when you want to freshen up your outfits this year? While most of the jewelry trends for 2022 are especially bold, the year’s earring trends are noticeably more subdued. These understated, yet still unique earring styles work perfectly with the bolder trends of the season, like chunky chain-link chokers, wide cuff bracelets, and oversized beads. Ready to discover the earring trends that will sharpen your style in 2022? Here are the top earring styles for summer and fall. 

Petite Diamond Hoops 

Hoop earrings have been a top trend for several seasons, but we’ve recently seen a shift in the type of hoop that’s dominating runways and social media. While chunky and oversized hoop earrings were the top trending style in 2021, petite huggie hoops are starting to take over.

Petite diamond hoops look lovely on their own and are also perfect for earring layering if you have multiple piercings. You can use a pair of huggie hoops to anchor a look with multiple studs or as a chic accent to more dramatic drop earrings. 

Beautiful Blues  

Color is big for jewelry in 2022 and blue is the biggest color of the year. Our favorite way to sport blue jewelry is with a classic pair of blue diamond stud earrings, like the iconic six-prong pair featured above. Blue diamonds have vibrant color and captivating shimmer, giving them the best of both worlds. 

If you’re looking for a richer blue color, choose blue sapphire studs rather than blue diamond studs. Blue sapphires offer stunning color, a timeless look, and excellent durability. They’re also more affordable than blue diamonds, making them a cost-effective choice. 

Front-Back Diamond Hoops 

Another trend in hoop earrings is the front-back diamond hoop. This style of hoop has diamonds along the exterior and interior of the hoop, providing the wearer with extra sparkle. For a more glamorous take on front-back diamond hoops, choose statement piece earrings with larger diamonds in prong settings. For a stylish modern approach to the trend, choose a pair of pavé diamond front-back hoops, as seen pictured above. For a bold hoop earring look, go with large hoops that can dress up any day or night attire. 

Delicate Diamond Studs 

Delicate diamond studs are a classic option that everyone should have in their jewelry collection. They also happen to work particularly well with the oversized, edgy jewelry trends of 2022. A dainty pair of diamond studs provides the perfect balance to striking jewelry pieces like sculptural diamond rings, chunky chain necklaces, and layered body chains. 

Yellow Gold Diamond Studs 

Yellow gold has been the most popular precious metal for several years and it’s still going strong. The beautiful warm glow of 14-karat gold was everywhere on the 2022 runways, making it our top precious metal pick for everyday wear in diamond studs and more. Yellow gold jewelry is simply a beautiful choice for gold jewelry, including trending pieces like petite diamond studs, delicate gold chain link necklaces, lockets, and jewelry with floral motifs.

Sparkly Silver Jewelry  

While yellow gold is still the favorite of jewelry designers, silver-toned jewelry is making a comeback. Designers are embracing sterling silver, white gold, and platinum settings, especially when it comes to more sparkly designs. 

Our favorite way to rock the silver jewelry trend is to pair silver with colorful gemstones, brilliant diamonds, or both. The breathtaking pair of white gold halo blue diamond studs featured above shows off just how stunning this combination can be. 

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