One of the most stunning setting options for diamond studs is the halo setting. Halo settings have no shortage of style or sparkle, making them an eye-catching option. But if you’re on the hunt for your perfect pair of diamond studs, would halo settings be right for you? To help you decide, we’re going over everything you need to know about halo diamond stud earrings, including what makes them so dazzling. 

What Are Diamond Halo Stud Earrings? 

These round-cut diamond halo studs are beautifully brilliant. 

Halo diamond stud earrings, also called diamond halo stud earrings, are stud earrings that feature a diamond halo setting. This type of setting holds an earring’s center stone within a loop of smaller diamonds, which create a “halo” around the center gem. This dazzling diamond halo adds to the brilliance and impact of its enclosed center stone, making a halo diamond earring quite glamorous. 

Why Halo Diamond Studs Are So Dazzling 

Diamond halo settings add beautiful shimmer to a pair of studs— and they can also make your center diamonds look larger than they actually are. When a white diamond is set within a diamond halo, the smaller diamonds on the halo extend the brilliance of the center diamond, making the overall surface area of a stud’s shimmer look larger. When viewed from a distance, as diamond studs are, this makes it look like the center diamond itself is larger than it actually is. This optical illusion has made halo settings popular for all types of diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings and diamond studs. 

Halo Diamond Stud Style Guide 

Halo diamond studs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, all of which have their own uniquely dazzling appeal. 

Classic Halo Diamond Studs 

The most classic (and popular) style of diamond stud earring features a round center diamond and a round halo setting that fits flush around its enclosed diamond. This style of halo diamond stud is timeless, elegant, versatile, and wearable, so it’s easy to see why it’s always a best seller.

Precious Metal Options and Halo Settings

Halo diamond studs can feature a range of precious metal options, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Changing the precious metal color on a pair of halo diamond studs can switch up its style. For example, yellow gold halo diamond studs have a warm, traditional beauty, while rose gold halo diamond studs have a romantic, vintage-style appeal. Then, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver all look quite elegant and chic, and their shiny white color can make a beautifully brilliant pair of halo diamond studs look even icier. 

Colorful Diamond and Gemstone Halo Studs

With their rich color and stunning shimmer, these blue diamond halo studs are simply mesmerizing. 

Diamond halo settings can be used to create a gorgeous effect on both colored diamond and colored gemstone pieces. A diamond halo setting provides a beautiful white backdrop for richly colored gemstones like blue sapphires, blue topaz, emeralds, and rubies, making their lush color look even more lovely. 

Diamond halo settings add sparkle to these romantic 14k rose gold brown diamond stud earrings. 

A diamond halo setting can also enhance the look of colored diamonds, like brown diamonds and black diamonds, adding a radiance that makes colored diamond jewelry look utterly enchanting. 

Fancy Shaped Halo Diamond Studs 

While round diamonds are the most common choice for a pair of halo diamond studs, they’re certainly not the only choice. Any diamond shape can shine within a halo setting. A halo setting can amp up the glamour of a sleek pair of princess cut studs, add an eye-catching element to a pair of cushion cut diamond studs, make baguette-cut diamond studs pop, and so on. 

Typically, a fancy-shaped halo diamond stud will feature a halo that echoes the shape of its center diamond. For example, a halo princess cut diamond stud would have a square halo and a halo emerald cut diamond stud would have an emerald shaped halo. However, note you can also find fancy-shaped diamond studs that feature two different shapes, such as styles that feature round center diamonds and a cushion-shaped halo setting. 

Double Diamond Halo Earrings 

An extra diamond halo amps up the drama of these gorgeous double halo black diamond dangle earrings.

Most diamond halo settings feature one halo of diamonds, but there are also double and even triple halo settings. An extra halo or two can make a pair of diamond halo earrings look even more striking. 

Clustered Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

The clustered diamond halo stud is an excellent halo stud style for those who are shopping for a pair of diamond studs on a budget. Instead of enclosing one center diamond within the halo of each stud, this style has a diamond halo that borders a cluster of diamond studs. This creates a beautiful, seamless brilliance at a mere fraction of the cost of studs that feature larger center stones. 

Pros and Cons of Halo Diamond Stud Earrings 

Still wondering if halo diamond studs are the perfect diamond stud style for you? Let’s go over the pros and cons of halo diamond stud earrings. 

Pros of Halo Diamond Studs 

  • Halo settings add visual impact to their enclosed diamonds, making the center diamonds in a pair of halo diamond studs look larger. 
  • Thanks to the many pave-set diamonds that adorn a diamond halo setting, halo diamond stud earrings have a high overall brilliance. 
  • Halo settings hold and protect center diamonds more securely than many other settings do, making a pair of halo diamond studs a sturdy option. 
  • Halo diamond studs can help you get a larger-looking pair of diamond studs, without having to spend a fortune on center diamonds with high carat weights. 
  • Halo diamond studs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to easily find a pair of halo studs that suits your tastes. 

Cons of Halo Diamond Studs

  • The smaller diamonds on a halo setting may sometimes appear to sparkle less over time. This may simply be due to hairsprays, hand lotions or dust settling on these diamonds. A quick warm water and soft soap bath will correct this.  
  • Halo diamond studs have a very glamorous look, which isn’t right for everyone. If you prefer a more classic or minimalistic look, a halo setting may not be your ideal fit (a pair of solitaire diamond studs would probably be more your style). 

Final Thoughts on Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether they’re accenting diamond studs or diamond dangle earrings, diamond halo settings are eternally beautiful.

With their glamour, elegance, and brilliance, halo settings are always a stunning choice for a pair of diamond studs. We hope this guide to halo diamond stud earrings has helped you decide whether the heavenly halo is the right style for you. 

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