Accessories make the outfit, whether it be bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. They add character and a personal touch to any ensemble. Diamond Earrings divert people’s attention to the most important part of you, your face. Over the years, we’ve gone through trends like tiny studs to oversized clip-on earrings. Some of the newest trends are geometric shapes to add a vintage twist, minimal earrings for a subtle approach, designs inspired from nature, mismatched earrings to make a statement, and the hoops are back to slam dunk any outfit into perfection.

Geometric Shapes

The art-deco era was the first to incorporate bold angles and edges into their jewelry with their use of shapes. Nowadays, jewelers have taken a modern twist on this classic approach to earrings by including one or more angular shapes to create a bold, dazzling look that is sure to be as classy as it is edgy.

Minimalist Approach

For the simple-hearted, jewelers have been taking a minimalist style on earrings. The uncluttered and basic trend could balance out a daring outfit, or provide just a hint of sparkle for a modest, yet elegant look. Pull out your classic diamond studs from your closet, or try using colored gemstones to make this simplistic style really pop!

Mismatched Earrings

Earrings usually come in pairs, but this year, mismatched earrings have swept away this traditional look. Whether you go for the same earring in different colors, or a completely different look for each ear, this trend allows you to flaunt two sides. Try pairing a stud with a bolder earring, or opt for a different color on each ear.

Floral Designs

Flowers and jewelry have been classics when it comes to gifting women, so why not combine the two? This trend has been sweeping the jewelry market. With inspirations taken straight from the garden, jewelers have incorporated flowers, leaves, vines, and other things you may find in your backyard into their designs. Floral designs allow you to grace your face with femininity and charm.


Say hello to your inner 90s kid with the return of hoops! Their eye-catching appeal is what helped this forgotten trend to circle their way back into our hearts. Whether you are going for simple, gold hoops, or a pair of diamond encrusted hoops, these bold earrings are sure to make a statement. Not for the modest, this striking trend is bound to attract lots of attention due to its daring nature.